How to Crochet a Bear

My grandma taught me to crochet the minute my clumsy, chubby fingers could hold a crochet hook. By the time that I was 6, she handed me her sewing needles to thread for her since her eyes could not see the needle’s eye. When I was 8, my mother invested all of her valuable off-work night-time hours making me a spring wardrobe that I can still explain in minute information, right down to the rick-rack that cut the red kerchief that matched the tulip sprigged sleeveless gown. I can remember exactly the colors and patterns of the nightgowns my grandma stitched for me. My brothers will inform you that they have actually never worn anything so warm and comfy as Nana’s knitted socks. I even remember the weight of the stocking cap my mother knit to match the checkerboard cardigan – that matched the blue one she knit for my brothers.

There is a magic in handcrafted clothing that goes beyond the colors, the designs, even the quality of the workmanship. It’s as if every stitch and every knot was imbued with the love of the hands that crafted them. And so it was just right that when I was bring my very first kid, I picked up crochet hook and thread and started making the clothing she had actually wear house from the health center.
I didn’t stop there, though. Making clothing for infants is more than a way to conserve money or create special clothing styles. It’s a method to surround them with love, to weave your desires into the fabric as you form and produce each piece.

I’ll like to share how to crochet a bear.  This is a sitting bear and is perfect for beginners as well.  Enjoy!