How To Crochet A Shell Stitch Purse Bag

Many people, when hearing the word crochet, quickly conjure the image of an elderly lady being in a chair, crochet hook held firmly in arthritic fingers as she concocts another table doily.
Many older females do appear to have an inherent ability to crochet, just since it was a tradition brought down from generation to generation. And while many households do not pass along the art of crochet much any longer, there is still merit in this peaceful, gorgeous activity.
Today, our simple shell stitch crochet pattern is from

How To Crochet A Shell Stitch Purse Bag

This is a beautiful shell stitch pattern purse / bag fit for girls and fashionable for even adults out on an outing.  It uses a 4 millimeter crochet hook and Drops Paris yarn (worsted weight).

This video will show you how to crochet a pretty shell stitch purse / bag. This purse is a suitable project for beginners.

Note for Beginners

For those who want to find out the art of easy crochet, you need go no even more than your regional craft shop. There you can find all the training products you need, as well as the physical materials you will require such as yarn and hook. In most cases, you can even find a schedule of classes where professionals in basic crochet can teach you the essentials.

Learning easy crochet will benefit you in many ways. Not only will you be rewarded with a lifelong pastime and skill. However you’ll be able to make any number of creations only restricted by your creativity. From home touches to stunning gifts, simple crochet makes the ordinary, amazing.